Why a Website?

Competition: Right now you post your listings on various "for sale" websites. But what happens when you tell a prospect to look there? He may or may not find your listing. He's just as likely to find a competitor's item.



Identity: Today the internet is the de facto standard for posting information about an item for sale. You will get your own domain name to print on your business card and your own email address. We forward emails to your existing email account, so no changes are required on your side. We can set up additional email forwards for your employees too--no extra charge.


Convenience: With your own domain name you can quickly refer a caller to what is effectively your on-line corporate brochure and catalog. Put your domain name on your business card, your letterhead, your marketing collateral. It will become the pivotal hub around which your company's business revolves.


How Are We Different?

With BrokerDealerSites.com you are dealing with an entrepreneur who understands small business. While spending thousands on a glitzy site with Flash animation, roaring motor sounds, and elaborate graphics may be good for your ego, it does little for your business. Our site is data oriented and data driven. DAS How do your clients get to what you're offering with the least interference? And can you quickly and easily update the site, without having to go back to web developer and plead for his attention?


Time is money. These sites are designed to be fast, efficient, cost-effective, and attractive tools to get your message to your clients. For about the price of a couple of lunches a month, or a soft drink a day, you can have a website for your business.


How Long Does It Take?

Give us your company name and address, two or three options for domain names (or we'll help you think up some), tell us about your products, and we'll go to work. Within a couple of days we will have your fully functional site ready to turn over to you.


So start now! Email us today and let us help you tell the world who you are!